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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What are you asking God for? It can begin today!

Scripture tells us that King Solomon was the wisest person to ever live, because he asked God for wisdom. What are you asking God for today, peace, prosperity, health, love, forgiveness etc? We all need to ask God for something then trust that it will be received, and live into our calling. All persons are called for purpose, all persons have God given gifts unique to them alone. This month lets explore the proverbs of Solomon.

Proverbs 1

1 These are the proverbs of Solomon. He was the son of David and the king of Israel. 2 Proverbs teach you wisdom and train you. They help you understand wise sayings. 3 They provide you with training and help you live wisely. They lead to what is right and honest and fair. 4 They give understanding to childish people. They give knowledge and good sense to those who are young. 5 Let wise people listen and add to what they have learned. Let those who understand what is right get guidance. 6 What I'm teaching also helps you understand proverbs and stories. It helps you understand the sayings and riddles of those who are wise.
Main Point
7 If you really want to gain knowledge, you must begin by having respect for the Lord. But foolish people hate wisdom and training.
Until next time be well.

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