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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't committ to what you can't handel

Many times some of us out of kindness, foolishness or compassion take on others burdens that we can not honestly bear. While we are dealing with our own trespasses out across moral boundaries, past engagements in promiscuous behavior that resulted in depression, fear, guilt, and shame. We try to not deal with these things and assist with others. Therefore I have reflected on this text from Proverbs 6:

Proverbs 6

Warnings Against Foolish Acts
1 My son, don't put up money for what your neighbor owes. Don't agree to pay up for someone else. 2 Don't be trapped by what you have said. Don't be caught by the words of your mouth. 3 Instead, my son, do something to free yourself. Don't fall into your neighbor's hands. Don't be proud. Hurry and make your appeal to your neighbor. 4 Don't let your eyes go to sleep. Don't let your eyelids close. 5 As a deer frees itself from a hunter, free yourself. As a bird frees itself from a trapper, free yourself.

God does not tells us to hate or abandoned our neighbor, but do not be a slave nor abused by your neighbor. However we should help ourselves & families 1st- then if ABLE assist others. How can we help others when we are fighting for our lives and sinking?

Dear God, today we pray for our neighbors and ask that you guide us into right decisions while keeping us away from attaching ourselves to people who want to bring us down. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

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