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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Thursday

It was right about now that Jesus sat down with the twelve in the Upper Room to fellowship and eat. I imagine the mood was tense, and the atmosphere heavy. Christ weighed down with the impending moments to come, the twelve and others confused, Peter being bold and boisterous, John staring angrily at Judas, and Judas waiting for the moment to betray. As the took bread and wine - blessed it and ate- as Judas hurried out of the room- as Jesus began to wash each persons feet- I imagine that there was a sense of hopelessness!

Friends today we as Christian African Americans find ourselves in the same state of hopelessness, when we hear about Latavia's close calls, and the anger/ violence tendencies that seizes our youth like demonic spirits. When we read of tragic and life changing situations on Toyya's job. When we read the paper, turn on the television,listen on our street corners and radios- We see a hopeless acting and living in tense, heavy and stressful times. We find ourselves constantly in upper room moments. Moments when we cant trust one another, when we are like John afraid of the next person, moments when we are over confident like Peter, moments when we are the betrayer like Judas, moments when we have no one who understands us or befriends like Christ.

I say all of this friends to remind you this Maundy (HOLY) Thursday- that the struggle is not over, the story does not end tonight but begins. Your story, my story, our story begins. Praise God! Thank you Jesus, Hallelujah