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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bache Ball Anyone?

Have you ever played bache ball? If you have not the object of the game is to have different players toss a ball as close as possible to a predetermined object. The players choose balls of different colors and attempt to toss their ball closest. After all the players have went the player who's ball is closest to the object wins.

Well some players use well thought out strategy and try to hit others players balls, which pushes them further away from the target leaving the strategic players ball closer.

When I think about the game of bache ball, I realize that's it's similar to life and Christianity. We all desire a close relationship with God. I assume that as Christians we all start off seeking to get as close to God as possible. But sometimes we are overly strategic, we think too much, and especially in the church we began to believe that as long as we are closer to God than the other person we are o.k. This is the type of thinking that makes us rationalize putting others down, pushing others out the way, talking about people, gossiping and even worse behavior.

This week we have focused mainly on Kindred living, for today I would like us to look at the story of Joseph and his brothers. Joseph brothers were jealous of him, and his relationship with their father. So after dropping him in a pit, they sold Joseph into slavery. The brothers believed that with Joseph out of the way they would then be closer to the father. We too act like Joseph brothers and have even had others treat us like Joseph was treated by our families, our friends, and our churches.

Therefore the scripture for meditation today is Genesis 50:20 "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive." (NASB). Joseph speaks to his brothers after the death of his father giving them forgiveness and offering peace.

We are called to do two things:
1)Be careful not to knock down others in order to make ourselves look better. There is a saying that if I have a light and you have a light, me blowing out your light does not make mine shine any brighter.
2)Be able to forgive those who knock us down, and push us aside for their own glory.

As you reflect on Genesis 50:20 today ask yourself how you have been like Joseph brothers and examine what you need to change to prevent that type of behavior. Also reflect on times when you have been treated like Joseph and think about who you still need to forgive. Take some time today doing this reflection because neither are as easy as they seem.
Love Pastor J

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